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Lighting Control

Smart Homes,Done Better

Today's smart home systems are designed to not only simplify your technology, but to anticipate your needs and react accordingly. With a home automation system, all of the various parts of your smart home can work together to provide solutions which enhance your home and simplify your life. Whether you want to simply control your lights, thermostats, and security system individually, or would like a single press of a button to arm your alarm, turn off your lights, and adjust your thermostats down to conserve energy, we are here to help provide you with the convenience you want, along with the reliability and control that you need.

Adding outdoor landscape lighting to your system will bring convenience and increase safety. As part of the lighting control system, your exterior lighting can be tied to the time the sun rises and sets, ensuring they’re properly lighting pathways in low light but automatically shutting off at dawn. Additionally, integrated with other home systems like security, they can flash in the event of an emergency, making it easier for first responders to find you when it counts.

Outdoor Low-Voltage Lighting

Experience lighting that mimics the natural rhythms of the sun. The holistic approach of circadian rhythm lighting complements your sleep patterns and helps to improve your overall health and mood. Wake up to natural bright light to get your day started off right and return home from work to find the lights already perfectly dimmed as you transition toward relaxation. Our smart lighting solutions aren’t just about making your rooms brighter—they are about helping you live a more natural and balanced life.

Circadian Lighting

Light defines our every mood and brings focus to every moment. Proper lighting color and intensity will make your furniture, artwork, flooring and everything in your home look even better. Whether it’s a dimly lit dinner date, perfectly planned for two, or colored accent lights that completely change the environment and transform the space, nothing improves your ambiance like LED lighting fixtures. Save energy and feel better with smart LED lighting.

Lighting Fixtures

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