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Marine Solutions

Expert Assistance from a FloridaMarine Technology Company

Front Row Theater doesn't stop at your front door. Our experts offer top-notch technology solutions for your marine needs, from small pleasure boats to commercial vessels. As a leading Florida marine tech company, we've got you covered.

Enhance your marine experience with automation systems on your yacht. Front Row Theater offers:

  • Automated shades and lighting control.

  • Audio systems for onboard music.

  • Smart thermostats for precise temperature control.

  • Streaming entertainment from popular platforms.

  • High-definition video solutions, including hide-away televisions.


Front Row Theater elevates your yacht journey with integrated automation systems.


Making sure your lighting offers plenty of illumination while creating the most comfortable environment for you and your guests is just one part of what we do at Front Row Theater. We can create lighting solutions that emulate the natural light from outdoors. Our experts can also provide you with chromatherapy solutions that can allow you to adjust the hue and tone of your yacht lighting to promote the healthiest environment for sleeping, playing and other activities. Whatever your lighting and automation needs, Front Row Theater can provide the best options for you.

Digital Lighting Design

The technicians at Front Row Theater can construct a system designed to monitor conditions inside your vessel and to alert you if toxic gases, leaking water or fire is present on your yacht. These systems can also be used to monitor your health and that of anyone you choose to provide information to healthcare providers and to promote the health and welfare of your family and guests. Data can be stored locally and uploaded to the appropriate medical professionals or to emergency personnel if the situation merits it.

Wellness System and Monitoring

Video walls have come a long way in the last decade. Front Row Theater can create a customized and functional video wall that can help you create an onboard theater or a floating conference room. We offer LED video walls that can be set up for indoor or outdoor use on your yacht and that can create one integrated image or multiple images to suit your needs perfectly. This can provide you with the perfect video solution for work or play. The technicians at Front Row Theater have the knowledge and the expertise to design your video walls and displays and to install them on your yacht.

Video Walls And Displays

A wide range of options are available for streaming movies and music throughout your yacht. At Front Row Theater, we can provide you with solutions that are tailor-made to suit your needs. We can create a Wi-Fi networking system that will allow you to stream entertainment options from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and many other providers. Additionally, as a leading Florida marine technology company, we can help you to access broadcast and satellite television from anywhere you happen to be. We can even create a cable television connection that will work while your boat is in the marina. These connections, however, will not usually persist when you are out on the open water.

Our team of technicians will work with you to determine the most practical way to deliver streaming entertainment to your yacht. Whether you primarily watch movies from a personal collection on your server, from streaming services like Netflix or from broadcast and satellite sources, Front Row Theater can design a streaming media system perfect for the way you watch entertainment on your yacht. We will work with you to determine the right configuration for your vessel’s streaming media and Wi-Fi systems.

Streaming Media Movies And Sound

Shades and screening options for your vessel can provide added protection against the sun for you and your guests. The rays of the sun can heat up the deck and the interior spaces of your yacht to make climate control more difficult. Additionally, the ultraviolet rays in sunlight can cause suntans, sunburns and damage to your skin. At Front Row Theater, we can create automated shades and screens that can reduce the impact of the sun and can provide you with a comfortable retreat. Our shades and screens are designed specifically for marine environments. This can protect delicate skin from the effects of the sun and can take some of the stress off your climate control systems indoors while keeping temperatures more temperate on the deck of the yacht.

Shading And Screen Systems

Protecting your yacht from theft and vandalism is essential to protect your investment. Front Row Theater offers expert help in setting up a system that can include some or all of the following features:

  • Security cameras with HD capabilities

  • Expanded DVR storage to allow you to record

  • Motion detectors that will send an alert to you when unexpected visitors arrive at your yacht

  • Alarms and lights for immediate responses to uninvited guests

  • Battery backup power to keep your yacht safe when it is not in operation

We can create a customized security system that suits your needs and protects your yacht from unwanted intruders and theft of your property. Front Row Theater is a leading Florida marine technology provider. Our technicians have the experience and the knowledge needed to promote the safest environment for you, your boat and your possessions. We also recommend keeping your valuables under lock and key and storing them out of sight as much as possible to reduce temptation for opportunistic criminals. It may also be wise to keep your boat entry and engine keys separate to slow down any thieves who may gain access to these items.


Front Row Theater makes it easy to access the latest in video entertainment while enjoying fun in the sun on your boat or yacht. Glare-free screens that can retract into the deck or that come with their own protective cabinets are a great way to take in a movie, entertain your friends or relax on a quiet evening out on the water.

The technicians at Front Row Theater can set up reliable Wi-Fi to keep your entertainment system connected and functional. We will create a customized outdoor entertainment system that will stand up to weather conditions and that will provide you with the video and stereo options you need to enjoy your yacht or boat time to the fullest extent possible.

Outdoor Entertainment

Marine audio equipment faces far more challenging conditions than land-based systems. From rain, wind and other weather conditions to the salt in seawater, your yacht’s audio system must be designed and installed to specific high standards to perform at its best year after year. Front Row Audio can create a reliable and high-quality audio system for your vessel that integrates the following attributes:

  • The correct specifications for each enclosed and open area of your boat or yacht to produce the best and most balanced sound

  • The power and volume necessary for your speakers to carry effectively over background nautical noise and your yacht’s engine

  • Features that allow you to customize your music and that provide you with plenty of options for online and offline connectivity to your personal musical library and your streaming music services

  • The potential for expansion and add-on functionality as your budget allows or as your needs change

As a trusted and knowledgeable Florida marine technology company, Front Row Theater can help you design a system that is ideally suited to your needs. We will also provide installation services to ensure that your new audio setup works perfectly now and in the future.

High End Audio

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