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Security Cameras

Residential Homes

Your home is your domain; protecting it is paramount. Security Camera systems not only provide peace of mind but they are also a great deterrent.

When a potential intruder identifies that your home has a Security Camera system, they will not even attempt a break in. By having a security camera system professionally installed, you not only gain a visual deterrent of having them attached to your home but you also get the functionality of the recordings to provide evidence in the unlikely event that something does occur on your property. Also, you can monitor your house on your Smart Phone or computer while you are away, thus providing additional peace of mind.

Retail Stores

Theft is unfortunately a common occurrence in retail stores. They may occur either from a customer or store workers, and it is a primary concern for business owners as it directly affects their bottom line.

Professionally installed Security Camera Systems help business owners reduce loss, increase productivity, eliminate theft, reduce waste, and provide great opportunities for training. The combined advantages of a security camera system in retail stores can easily pay for itself several times over. You can monitor your various locations remotely thus avoiding significant driving time and logistical challenges.


Security Camera Systems play a huge part on school campuses. Times have changed and schools are no longer considered a safe environment.

There have been many instances where horrible tragedies have occurred and South Florida was not immune to this. In addition to catastrophic events, school campuses need to be protected against vandals, trouble makers, and other forms of attack. Our children, and their safety, is the most important thing there is. The quality of their daytime learning environment needs to be monitored and a well designed and installed security camera system allows security guards to keep a watchful eye on the school’s properties and protect the children.

Parking Lots

One of the most common crimes in South Florida is car break-in and car-jacking. The reason being how difficult it is to survey such a vast space.

We install and provide tailored solutions like high-resolution megapixel cameras and auto-tracking motorized cameras. These types of solutions give the advantage to the business and offer a better chance of obtaining valuable information that can lead to incrimination of violators and as evidence for other matters. Give us a call for a free estimate.

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