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Your Trusted South Florida Commercial Technology Provider

Front Row Theater is a trusted South Florida commercial technology provider with a proven track record for success in creating customized solutions for our customers.

Florida Commercial Technology Company

The right technologies can go a long way toward helping your company to create a productive and positive environment for your commercial enterprise. At Front Row Theater, we can create a customized and cohesive solution that will integrate all your communication, automation, lighting, networking and video technology requirements. We are an established Florida commercial technology company with a proven reputation for quality work and outstanding customer service. Here are some of the most important ways in which Front Row Theater can give your business an edge over its competitors.


Commercial automation solutions are designed to allow control over a number of functions through a single centralized interface. Lighting, security, climate control and many other systems can be connected to a single control interface. This can allow you to schedule comfort control adjustments, lighting and many other facets of your business operations. By creating a customized system that works for your business, you can significantly reduce overhead costs associated with lighting and climate control for your Florida company.

At Front Row Theater, we will work directly with you to determine your priorities and your preferences for your commercial automation system. This will provide you with the most practical solutions for your business activities while staying within your allotted budget. As a leading Florida commercial technology provider, Front Row Theater is committed to the highest standards of customer service and excellence in system design for our commercial and residential customers.

Florida commerical automation
Florida Commercial Security

Commercial Security

Working with an experienced and knowledgeable Florida commercial technology company can ensure that you receive the best and most practical solutions for your commercial security installation. At Front Row Theater, we offer comprehensive solutions for commercial security, including all of the following options:

  • Indoor and outdoor security cameras and video surveillance solutions to spot developing problems before they begin
  • Motion sensors and perimeter glass break sensors with or without audible alarms
  • Access control systems that ensure the greatest protection for your staff members and your property
  • Smart lock systems that are tailored to your specific set of needs
  • Thermal imaging options for employee and customer screening

Front Row Theater will work with you to determine the best array of security services for your company. We will create a customized deployment and configuration for your business premises that will incorporate your suggestions and will address your concerns. This will help you to protect your staff members, your clients and your property now and in the future. Our team is committed to the most innovative and practical solutions for all your security needs.

Digital Lighting Design: Workplace Lighting

Creating the right workplace lighting design requires a careful balance between a number of design principles:

  • The lighting should be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for staff members and customers. This is necessary to promote productivity among your workforce and to ensure the most attractive environment for your guests and clientele.
  • Lighting should be functional. This means that it provides adequate light for the tasks to be performed in the areas in which it is installed.
  • Energy efficiency is another important concern that should be addressed when planning your lighting installation in the South Florida area.
  • Seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, can result from poor lighting and inadequate exposure to outdoor and natural light. Our technicians can create lighting solutions that work specifically to combat this issue and to ensure the best possible health for your staff members.

Front Row Theater can create lighting setups that offer many of the health benefits of natural light and that can reduce the cost of lighting for your facility. Our technicians have the experience and the expertise needed to create a lighting automation system to lower your overhead costs while ensuring that your staff members, customers and guests enjoy the most comfortable and appealing lighting throughout your public and employee-only spaces.

Automating your lighting can add up to savings on utility bills for your business. According to the U.S. General Services Administration, about 35 percent of the electricity used by commercial buildings in the United States is expended in providing lighting. Front Row Theater can provide you with energy-efficient and practical options for minimizing the cost of your lighting while providing the right environment for productivity and health in your commercial building.

Florida commerical digital lighting

Commercial Networking and Wi-Fi

While the basic principles underlying residential and commercial networking solutions are the same, the demands on your business network are generally much greater than those for home networks. Front Row Theater can create a customized networking solution for your business that includes wired local area networks, wireless connectivity through your Wi-Fi network and online security measures that will keep your corporate data secure from unauthorized intrusion.

As a trusted South Florida commercial technology provider, Front Row Theater can help you set up and maintain a secure network for your staff that meets all industry standards for data security and that allows the flexibility your employees need to be productive. We can design a system that incorporates all of the most recommended features for your networking needs:

  • Secure passwords and password requirements
  • Guest networks to allow your customers and clients to access online content easily
  • Intranet and extranet systems that allow comprehensive communication within your organization as well as to outside parties
  • Virtual private networks to allow for remote access by employees from anywhere they happen to be
  • Ethernet cabling for local area networks (LANs) and continuous connectivity within your facility
  • Wi-Fi network setups that balance access with security to promote the highest possible productivity for you and your staff members

Our technicians will sit down with you and your systems technology staff members to determine the best wired and wireless approaches to your needs. We work with you at every stage of the process to make sure that your networking solution fits your needs and lives up to your expectations.

Shading and Screen Systems

Motorized and automated shades are an excellent addition to your South Florida business premises. Front Row Theater can design and install shades that can be opened, closed or tilted on the schedule you choose. This can help you to control indoor temperatures during the hottest part of the day while letting the sun shine in in the morning and evening. By adjusting your shades to avoid the sun’s heat, you can take some of the stress off your cooling system and can ensure the most comfortable environment for your staff members and guests to your facilities.

Front Row Theater can provide you with a range of light-filtering and room-darkening shades that are ideally suited for workspaces, conference rooms and other areas of your South Florida business. We will work with you to determine the best and most practical solutions for all your current and future shading and screening requirements.

Video Walls and Displays

As a leading Florida commercial technology company, Front Row Theater can design the perfect video wall for your lobby, waiting room or conference room. Our team has the proven experience and knowledge needed to create a customized video wall configured to suit your needs.

Video walls can consist of just a few panels or hundreds of screens that can be programmed independently or that serve as a part of a larger digital image. Front Row Theater will be happy to discuss your specific set of needs to create the perfect solution for you.

  • Multiple screens that make up a single image are often useful in creating a larger display for customers and guests in waiting rooms or in lobbies. These larger displays can help your company get its message across more effectively. They can also be used in conference rooms to show presentations to larger groups of people.
  • LED video walls can also be used to display a range of different images on separate screens. This can be useful for entertaining a larger crowd or tracking and monitoring a number of video displays, news reports or financial data points.

Whatever your needs, our team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians will be pleased to provide you with the best guidance, support and services for your video wall installation. We are committed to the highest standards of excellence in the commercial technology field.

Video Conferencing and Zoom Meeting Systems

Front Row Theater can help you to create a video conferencing system that works for your company. We can tailor your system to work with the most popular video conferencing software systems:

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • GoToMeeting
  • Skype for Business
  • Cisco WebEx

Our experienced technicians will be happy to work with you to install the right equipment for your commercial video conferencing needs. We will look at the room you have selected for your video conferencing system and will provide you with the audio and video equipment necessary to provide the best experience for you and your conference participants. This can help your company to project the most professional image when interacting with potential clients and business associates through this new technology.

Hiring a Florida Commercial Technology Company

Front Row Theater is a trusted South Florida commercial technology provider with a proven track record for success in creating customized solutions for our customers. Using our proven process, we work with you and your company to find the best solutions for all your automation, lighting, security and technology needs. Give our team a call today at 954-351-8985 to schedule a consultation with our team. Front Row Theater is here to serve your commercial technology needs now and in the future.